Things to do in Prague : Three days in historical city of the world.

Prague: Things to do in Prague

Though I have been to many European cities Prague is different from all. It is because of culture, history, architecture, tourism, nightlife or something else. Therefore, there are so many things to do in Prague. We can sense different kind of culturally and fashionable difference. Women generally dress up properly here than men. Women are tall and lean dressed up with the latest trends with high heels on their toes and good handbag in their hand.

Prague has an architectural beauty which we have never seen before. We found so many churches and museums (sex museum, musical museum, Jewish museum, clock museum, etc.). But because of no interest in museums and churches, we didn’t cover all.

Living and Commuting

We reached Prague around 4 pm. And checked in at the Corinthia Hotel for 3 days. Without wasting a single minute, we changed and took all the necessary information from the receptionist.  We were lucky enough to have very good connectivity to the city via metro. We went to Museum station and bought the city card for 3 days from the information center. This card was valid for every connecting channel within Prague. And even it was a ticket for almost all places to visit in Prague.

Currency In Prague

In the Czech Republic, we can use Euro as well,  instead of Krone. Almost in all the shops whether it is big or small, we can find the usage of Euro in large quantity. On way to the city center, we saw so many ATMs and change currency offices which make tourism easier in Prague.

Cuisine And Drinks of Prague

The Czech Republic is famous for its non-vegetarian food.  So, it was a bit difficult for me to search for vegetarian food for myself. But yeah it was not impossible. During our trip to Prague, we met one of the Indian couples who didn’t eat eggs, onion, and garlic. So people like them can order either pizza or pasta.

If you are non-vegetarian then you will get almost all possible meat here. Famous and must try cuisine for non-vegetarian food is duck meat.

We tried almost all the local beer of Prague. The Czech Republic has an absolute love affair with beer. And why not? They make damn fine brews.

But honestly, I will suggest to eat or sip on a beverage purchased elsewhere rather than at the restaurants of the city center. If you’re traveling on a low budget in Prague. They are predictably overpriced. Enjoy sightseeing of marvelous architecture and ambiance of the city center.


Prague has so many artistic and scenic places.

  • Old Town Square: After buying the city card, we reached Old Town Square. It is a very big city center of Prague. So according to me it certainly needs 1 complete day to cover a complete city center. It has a wide variety of alcohol, souvenirs, good branded shoes and clothing shops. 

Personally, I have experienced that these shops are more expensive than Germany or any other European country. It is because of tourism. If you want to buy some souvenir then I will suggest you not to buy from fancy shops. For that one should visit the street shops which are in the middle of the old city. You will find some stuff and in less amount.

In the city center, we went to have dinner with our friends for one day at the hotel(Hotel Prince). There was one waitress who was taking pictures of all customers by coming at each table personally. After some time she came again with envelope. When we opened we found the photograph with a magnet on it. It was their marketing strategy which gave a totally new experience. We bought that in 12€ ( sounds expensive). But it created the memory which we will never forget.

In Fact, the best part of Old Town Square is that you can get WI-FI network easily. 

Old Town clock hall: In Old Town Square, there is a Clock hall. We went there to have an amazing landscape view of the city center from the top.


  • Saint Charles Bridge: We went to Charles bridge at night while going to our hotel on our first day in Prague. It is for sure one of the first activities that come to mind being in Prague. This is an unforgettable experience that will doubtlessly stay with you for years to come. There were so many musical artists (of mouth organ, guitar, piano, etc) playing melodious music. Besides them, even various sketch artists ( painters) were there to sell their artwork. It draws ample of tourists and merchants. The second day in Prague after visiting other places, we went to Charles Bridge again and experienced the totally different view from the previous day. The architecture of the bridge is extremely stunning. You could walk for hours just looking at the beautiful building around.  We loved getting lost in the breeze. To have the best view of the river and the bridge, you should go around 9 in summers and around 6 or 7 in winters. We were lucky to be in Prague on the weekend so we got a chance to see the dazzling nightlife. The Charles Bridge is remarkable both day and night.
  • Prague Castle: We went to Prague castle on the second day in Prague. After having a heavy breakfast at the hotel around 9-10 am we visited Castle but due to the long queue, we skipped and went to Petrin Tower. And after covering it, we came again to Castle. We used our city card as the ticket. Our way to the Prague castle was long and steep. We were extremely tired while elevating it to the highest level which gives a beautiful view of the landscape with water of Vltava. The architecture of the castle is exceptionally beautiful with glass work.
  • Petrin Lookout Tower (Enigma of Eiffel tower): Ah! It is very tall and has 299 stairs. It swings little bit which alarmed us. After confirming it from local we got to know its normal because of its foundation. One of our friends had a height phobia which panicked him and so he rushed back to the ground. But for sure it was a great experience.
  • Petrin Tower gives panormic view of the city.

  • TRDLO: Being in Prague, everyone must eat TRDLO. So, it is a kind of cake made up of rolled dough that is wrapped around a stick. Then it is grilled and sprinkled with sugar. It has cream or ice cream depending upon your choice. It varies from 1€ to 5€.
  • Captain Candy Shop: If you are fond of candy then you should visit this shop. You will find so many different types of jelly candies like Haribo and even you will find chocolate toffees in different flavors.

  • Dancing house: Architecture of this place is very unique. From inside it is good but can not be considered as a unique one. You can have a good time under the bridge near the river. Surrounding area of the river has various beer bars where you can enjoy sightseeing and have a chill life.
  • Boat trip: You can have a meal on the cruise. Some cruises might be free depending upon city card and some might have good discounts because of city cards. This experience is wonderful and everyone must try this.
  • City Tour: City tour can be considered as a good option to cover Prague in 2 hours. We had the city tour and got minute details of relevant places.
  • The Jewish Museum, Spanish chapel: It has a beautiful architecture with glass work. For me, it was a bit boring. So we will not recommend you for them as your first priority.

Souvenirs to buy from Prague

  • Archeological wooden clock
  • Leather bags
  • Crystals
  • Souvenir castle, archeological building, cathedral churches and Jewish churches and museums
  • Postcards
  • Notebooks

Few Traveling Hacks for Prague :

1) It is suggested that you buy city card for transportation for a number of days you are in Prague. It will be more economical as well as easier for you to travel anywhere. This is one ticket for all. This city card will :

  • Allow you to travel via metro, bus, tram.
  • Allow you to make castle visit and other places without their expensive tickets.
  • Even in some places, you might get a discount because of the city card.

2)  It is highly recommended not to carry all the money in one place. You should keep money in different places like wallet, jeans front pocket, the little amount in your mobile case. Keep coins with you because you will need this at the time of using washrooms.

You can face big time trouble to go to the washroom here if you don’t have change. Around 5 to 10 Krones are charged to use washroom here even if it is Starbucks, McDonald’s or any other food chain. You can use Washrooms for free if you have ordered something to eat or drink.

3) It is preferable that you keep your passport or ID card in safety of your hotel room.

4) It is recommended that you do buy souvenirs from street shops rather than fancy big shops. You will find the same products at a lesser price.

5) Tourist should for sure check weather forecasting because it is very unpredictable specifically in months of April and may.

6) Carry some eatables and water bottle in a backpack. It will be useful at the time of need. I hope this post will be beneficial for you guys. Please let us know in the comments below. We value our viewer’s feedback and query.

I would like to thank all my readers for turning up this article. I hope this blog will be beneficial to you guys to travel to Prague. Please let us know in the comments below. We value our viewer’s feedback and query.


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