Amazing Sunset at Oia

Amazing sunset view at Oia in Santorini Island


If you are in the Santorini island then it should be a must to do a thing in your list. We stayed in Santorini for 4 days. Amongst them, we reserved out a day for a sunset at Oia. We started our day with a delicious breakfast. We had omelets, pieces of bread, fruits, fresh juice, coffee.

And got ready for our ferry ride. It started from the port of Lichada. This boat ride covered 2 beaches(red beach, white beach), hot spring Caldera and sunset view at Oia.

While entering our boat, everyone was asked to remove their footwear and they were collected in a bag. We went in boat bare feet. There we were hosted by a beautiful lady. She told us some important details and to-dos and don’t in our boat.

She asked us:

  1. Not to take support from boundary because it was very delicate.

  2. Self-service for soft drinks and white wine.

  3. Beers will be served on demand.

Everything on the boat was unlimited. After this everyone was dispersed. There were around 14 people on the boat from the USA, Germany, India, Singapore, China. Everyone sat according to their comfort level.

While everyone was settling down, 1 Chinese girl panicked and shouted. Everyone saw her and realized because of wind she lost her phone in the sea. Thankfully, she kept her phone in a plastic bag so her bag was floating on the sea. The boat was taken back and with the help of some hook, the phone was taken up. In a while, another Chinese boy screamed because his jacket flew n went into the sea. But this time no one reacted and the captain didn’t take our boat back.

Red Beach

In a while, everyone was settled and a girl came to take our order. She enquired whether we are vegetarian or non-vegetarian or are we allergic to anything. And so time flew and we reached our first destination ‘ Red Beach’.

The boat was stopped a few meters away from the red beach and asked everyone to swim there if they want to.  It was approximately 7 meters deep. Few couples went into the water and few just chilled and enjoyed the view.

After a stoppage of 25 minutes, we again started our trip towards the white beach. It took approximately 45 minutes.

White Beach

At this beach, we can travel only via ferry. Here we stopped for 1.5 hours. A team of the boat was grilling vegetables for vegetarians and pork, shrimps and chicken for non-vegetarians. An Announcement for lunch was made. We had pasta, greek salad, pieces of bread, leaves coated some rice, potato salad, vegetables grilled with shrimps, chicken, pork.  Here, we had our lunch and gossiped. I talked to a German girl who was on the boat with her younger sister. After talking to her, got to know that she is just 19 years old and her sister is 10. They have traveled a lot.

And suddenly, I started feeling pukish maybe because of sea sickness or hunger and was having a headache. So after talking for a while I took medicine and rested. We went on top of the boat and enjoyed the view. It was too windy and cold so again I came down. And then we reached to hot spring of Caldera view.

Caldera View

It is an amazing place. Here the water was of different colors because of a volcanic eruption. Our captain informed us about its minerals. The water of this area has sulfur in abundance and it was hot water near the hills and therefore asked us not to swim very near to hill and not to swim in white bikinis or swimsuit else it will turn into yellowish color.

Few of them went in water n came quickly. Boat team sprinkled water on them so that that may not make their boat dirty.

After 25-30 minutes we headed towards the port of Oia to have beautiful view sunset. There we saw cable cars and prison in Santorini. It had one machine gun on its first floor.

Finally, the moment came when we saw a beautiful sunset at Oia port. In front of our boat, it was sunset and just behind there was moon rising.

It is so true :

“ Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens every day but end beautifully.” – Kristen Butler

I  saw such a beautiful landscape for the first time in my entire life.  After a few minutes, we reached Oia Island. At Oia, our traveler driver was waiting to pick us. There was a traffic jam because of narrow roads and the number of vehicles on road. Therefore, I will suggest you if you want to visit Oia then it is preferable to go in the afternoon or in morning.   And finally, we came out from the traffic jam and reached our hotel.

Thank God we had Thai vegetarian Maggi and oats at our apartment, which we cooked and had our dinner. Ah!!! After such a beautiful and tiring day we planned for our next day in Santorini Island.


  1. Always carry nausea and headache medicines with you.

  2. Keep some Nutribars along with you.

  3. And the foremost, drink a lot of water on the boat.

I would like to thank all my readers for turning up this article. I hope this blog will be beneficial to you guys to travel to Santorini. Please let us know in the comments below. We value our viewer’s feedback and query.



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