Fantastic day on the Saronic Islands

Fantastic day on the Saronic  Islands

We had our Saronic islands trip from Athens. In morning we got ready and picked up at our hotel in morning around 7. We reached in a while at the port and did a little bit of formality before entering our ferry. While entering ferry photos were clicked. Everyone was happy and excited. People from different countries on one platform.

‘Water water everywhere not a single drop to drink.’

I was able to remember my eleventh class poem describing how it feels to be on the ferry. Small islands lost in the middle of the Aegean Sea, surrounded by white sandy beach and crystal blue water. No doubt that it is a popular destination. 

It was a sunny and windy day. On the ferry, there were so many foreigners from different cultures. Some were wearing scarfs because they were from Iran and few were Germans, Americans, Africans with artificial braids.

There were few couples who came with their children to make them happy and few were avoiding their wives and were cherishing the ferry and scenic beauty of the sea and mountains.

I think it’s a place where people forget their agony and go into deep thoughts.

After an hour we reached our first island ‘Hydra island’.

It is a small island lost in the middle of the Aegean Sea, surrounded by crystal blue water. It is as beautiful and pleasant as it is named. And the most noteworthy is, it has only 3000 people and no vehicle on the island except donkeys to carry luggage. There were white small houses and shops with red sliding roofs and gates of vibrant colors.

In port, there were souvenir shops, cafes, bakeries, supermarket, restaurants. We reached around 11 and had breakfast at a local restaurant. For breakfast, we had feta cheese sandwich and omelet with potato and onion which was very delicious. Guess what?? We spent around 2 hours here and saw this complete island.

We reached for our ferry and started our journey to another hop on hop off the island. Next island was 1 hour away from Hydra island. Some of our co-passengers had their lunch and few of them were just chilling and were having a beer.

In some time we reached the second island ‘Porus island’.

It is bigger than the hydra. And even there are four and two-wheelers. There we went to the clock hall which was at the top of the island.

After our trip to Porus island, we had our lunch which was included in our booking. I was worried my lunch if I will get vegetarian food on ferry or not. But when I reached in the hall, I was so happy because of the food. There were pasta, salads, potato baked with cheese, chicken, and fish. In a sweet dish, we had a cake similar to gulab jamun.

Photos clicked before our journey was displayed on the hall which we bought in 10€ as memory. Greeks are very good at earning money by selling their tourism.

In a while, we reached our 3rd island ‘Aegean island’.

It is a bigger island than the rest of the others. It is more commercial with more traffic on roads. On this port, there are many shops of pistachios, ice creams, souvenir shops. It was very hot and because of it, almost everyone was having ice cream or Fredda cold coffee.

Even we had a strawberry milkshake with cheesecake gelato ice cream. We stayed at this island till 6:15 pm.

Everyone was fatigue because of their long schedule of the day. While returning to the Athens we had the cultural event at the ferry. In which, a couple was dancing on greek songs depicting different types of folk dances of Greece. It was so much fun to listen to live music and to enjoy their folk dance. In between, I talked to a girl who accompanies her grandparents who live in Strasbourg ( France) and she was from Germany. When her grandparents came to know that we are from Germany, they were so glad. And told us about their journey to India.

It was a great time on a ferry to know people, their tradition, their culture. I wish to come here again. But next time I will prefer to stay only in hydra to spend a night.

Recommendations for travelers:

  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Do carry a power bank or charger.
  • It is recommendable to carry fruits and to have a heavy breakfast. Because everything on the ferry will be double or three times the cost.

I would like to thank all my readers for turning up this article. I hope this blog will be beneficial to you guys to travel with ease. Please let us know in the comments below. We value our viewer’s feedback and query

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